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Booker Regionals 2020

Booker Regionals 2020.

Competitors will find the usual downloads and registration documents on this page. Please read the information associated with any download carefully. This is a BGA rated competition run in accordance with the BGA rulebook.

Competition Officials.



Deputy Director



Nils Wedi

Task Setting



Pete Wyld

Tug Master

James Roland


Bob Sinden


Jane Moore, Bob Sinden, Bob Smith

Booker Office Support

Shelagh Clowry, Christine Mason

Organising Chairman

William Parker

Registration, Rules, Airspace, Downloads etc etc.

BGA Rules

You may want to do a final check the BGA Competition Rules near to the comp start date. They are often amended. An overview of changes is provided at the beginning of the document.

FAI Competition License

You will need a FAI Competition License from the BGA. This must be obtained from the BGA prior to registration. The links below go direct to the on line payment forms on the BGA website.

Pilot Registration Form

You will need to sign a registration form when you arrive for the competition. Registration will be open during the afternoon on Friday 10th July (Contact the office for exact times, or if you wish to register after 7pm). In order to simplify the registration process the organisers would appreciate it if competitors complete the electronic (Word or equivalent) registration form in advance and then email an (unsigned) copy to the organisers. This can be done any time after 11th June 2020.

This form is the latest BGA Regionals Registration Form.

Directions to Booker Gliding Club

by road, public transport and air with link to Google Maps. Please use your browser back button to return to this page.

Accommodation close to Booker Gliding Club

Link to our webpage containing a list of local places to stay. Please use your browser back button to return to this page.

Local Rules

All competitors must read this document.

.PDF file. Ensure that you have the latest version at the first comp briefing.

Provision of Sample Logger Files

Competitors are requested to provide sample files "as downloaded" from their logger(s) or flight recorder(s) prior to the competition. This enables us to verify the UIC and will enable us to score the first day promptly. The link below will open your email program with the required email address which is

eMail subject line to include glider registration and pilot name.

Airspace and Exemptions


We are expecting to have exemptions relating to local nuclear facilities. These exemptions are subject to agreement and briefing on each competition day, and will be time constrained. See the local rules for full details.

In the past, we have had some local exemptions within the London TMA known as Areas A, B and C. Please note these local exemptions will NOT be used during this competition.

Don't forget, pilots must ensure that they do not go into airspace unauthorised. If you choose to use an airspace file with "Exemptions Enabled" be especially aware when the exemptions are not in force.

If you use a moving map system (as well as a paper one) don't forget to ensure that settings manage airspace, parachute drop zones etc in a manner that ensures your compliance with the law as well as BGA and Local Rules.


Waypoints from the 2020 BGA Waypoint list will be used. Files are available on the SoaringSpot comp downloads page.

Documents for pilots new to Booker

Competitors that have not flown at Booker before may also find the following general club documents of use.

Links to submit files for Scoring

Competitors should submit downloaded flight files electronically in accordance with the local and BGA rules. Here are some handy links. The first link will open your default email program, logger files sent to the email address on this link will be extracted, but note that the email content will NOT be read by anyone.

The network address on the second link will only work if you are logged on, or connected to the Booker Gliding Club LAN.

for scoring queries, sending igc files etc.