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Expeditions to other Gliding Sites

At Booker Gliding Club we believe in going places. We go on regular trips to other gliding clubs to experience different conditions, learn about wave and ridge flying, and improve our flying skills. As well as being a great holiday, an expedition is an excellent way to get to know fellow club members. Most trips are suitable for all levels of experience including pre-solo. We take club gliders to suit demand, and private owners are welcome too. Below are some of the places we have visited.


Deeside Gliding Club

A regular event for many years has been the autumn expedition to Deeside Gliding Club, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, which is ideally sited to take advantage of wave in every wind direction except due easterly. For those chasing badge claims, this is one of the best places to go for gold and diamonds. It also offers opportunities for cross country in wave.


Black Mountains Gliding Club

A trip to the Black Mountains in Wales is a good way to start the season, with ridge running and wave on offer as well as thermals, and the scenery is amazing. The airfield makes a change for those used to large flat fields, but we take a two seater along for check rides and companionable flying.


ARGE Klippeneck

At 980m amsl Klippeneck is the highest airfield in Germany, and home to several local gliding clubs. A relatively new destination for Booker, but now our most popular expedition. Situated on a plateau on the edge of the Swabian Alb south of Stuttgart, it offers opportunities for very long cross country flights over spectacular scenery. Launching is by aerotow and winch.

Long Mynd

Midland Gliding Club

This site is on top of a very steep west-facing ridge and is a great place for ridge running. As well as aerotow and winch, if the wind's blowing hard enough you may get a chance to try bungey launching.


Quo Vadis

The French Alps offer wonderful opportunities for learning mountain flying skills. The airfield at Serres is ideally positioned, it is possible to practise on the local ridges before heading off into the white stuff, maybe even to Mont Blanc.


Centre de Vol a Vela La Cerdanya

The Cerdanya valley at the eastern end of the Spanish Pyrenees offers everything from nursery slopes to opportunities for long flights into the mountains. The challenge of mountain thermals, ridge and wave, it's all there.


Santa Cilia Los Pirineos

Towards the western end of the Spanish Pyrenees lies Santa Cilia aerodrome at Jaca where mountain thermals, wave and ridge can be explored.