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Club Events in 2008



A Day in Windsor

On the 15th March, a Booker Junior was assembled in the King Edward Court, to encourage the sales of discounted Introductory Courses.

Pictures contributed by Don Harvey

Not the Easter Egg Cup

Pictures contributed by Brenda Harvey

(also see the entry on the blog)

The annual aerobatic competition (usually run at Easter) took place on the 12th April as Easter was early in 2008.


The competition was won by Emily Todd.

Gary Nuttall came second and Mike Richardson third.

Solo Week

7-11 April 08

Pictures contributed by Don Harvey


Leon Gold with Martin FFoulkes
Leon went solo this week


Bronze Week

11-18 April 08

Pictures contributed by Don Harvey, Hugh MacDonald and Mike Richardson




Landing Out

7 May 08

The following series of pictures will be familiar to all X-Country fliers who have failed to reach their desired destination through lack of lift.

The pictures show the retrieval of Jeremy Gilbey's DG 303, from a field near Stokenchurch. They were taken by Martin Blanchard, part of the retrieval team.

Jeremy has given his consent to the publishing of the picture (and the captions!)


Wednesday 7th May around 3pm. Gerry Leech (Driver/Foreman), Hugh MacDonald (Helper) and Martin Blanchard (your Reporter) set of from Booker to retrieve Jeremy Gilbey at Stokenchurch. After a relatively easy journey we meet Jeremy and get the trailer as near the field as possible.


Gerry ponders the problem and I think “Why did Jeremy choose a ploughed field with a power line?”


Probably because all the alternatives were worse!



“.. and we have to get down the hill again …”


Prepare the trailer


Get the vehicle in the field. The furrow made by the glider shows that the ground is quite soft.


Turn the glider round and get ready to tow it out


Vehicle stuck!


“Let’s take the wings off”


“This is getting heavy”


“Now for the other wing”


Fuselage now tows out easily


Tidying up – back to Booker by 5pm


Meet the Neighbours - Community Fair
High Wycombe

8 June 08

John Lewis Partnership held a Meet the Neighbours Summer Fair
on Sunday 8 June at the Holmers Way open space, just across the M40
from the airfield. They invited local businesses and
organisations to participate. BGC took along a Junior glider with the hope of making a few sales.

The team, led by Jane Moore was:

Chris Collett
Hugh MacDonald
Chris Rowland
Symeon Economou
Don Harvey
Brenda Harvey - unofficial photographer

Why won't this tail fit? Jane cracks the whip when it comes to
cleaning the glider
Still struggling with the tail
Never did get it fixed Surely it should be higher
 than this!
That's better All prepared (Chris
with enforcer)
The mayoral party arrives to open the fair.

Paul Lambourne  became the Conservative Mayor of High Wycombe on the 10th May 2008.

The BGC stand catches the eye of the Mayor... ... who is persuaded to try out the glider The MD of John Lewis shows some concern?
Jane offered the Mayor a free flight. We await the outcome.
Some future members?

The winner of the 'Guess the Weight of  the Glider competition' was Imogen Shepherd.

Runners up (model glider): G. Longhurst and S. Taylor

And so it was time to pack up and prepare for the next event.


Booker Gliding Club at AeroExpo 08

13-15 May

Following pictures provided by Brenda Harvey

Almost £3000 worth of sales of courses were achieved by the BGC team


BGC Stand
Duo Discus at the field stand
A Stemme 10 motor glider next to the BGS stand.

Booker Regionals

19th - 27th July 2008

The group photograph was supplied by Julian Saakwa-Mante

Rest by Don Harvey


Gliders ready on the starting grid.


Aboyne Expedition

Click here to see the following pictures in a slide show

Week 1

The following photographs were taken during week one when most members were staying at the Birkelunn log cabin.

Pictures provided by Don Harvey and Julian Saakwa-Mante.

In and around Birkelunn


Fish and Chip supper before the chefs (Jim Pengelley and Jeremy Gilbey took control!)

Members L-R Roland Wales; Jeremy Gilbey;  Dave Richardson (expedition organiser); Bob Davey, Glyn Read and Jane Moore

Meal cooked by Jim Pengelley.

Members L-R

Bob Davey; Julian Saakwa-Mante, Ed Garner; Jim Pengelley; Jane Moore and Jeremy Gilbey.

Deeside Gliding Club

Entering the Cairngorms national Park in
convoy with Jane Moore.
Arrival after 512 mile drive.
Deeside Gliding Club Deeside Gliding Club from the air Gravel trap to stop gliders reaching a 6 foot drop a few feet further on
Members L-R

Ed Garner' Jim Pengelly;
Arne Jorgensen; Roland Wales;
Jane Moore and Bob Davey.


Jane rigging her Pegasus Booker's K21 readied for flight Jeremy Gilbert taking a familiarisation
flight with Dave Richardson
An 80% Spitfire
Pictures below taken from K21 gaining 10200 ft on second flight flown by Don Harvey and Dave Richardson.

Much greater heights were reached by Club Members, especially on week two when William Parker gained his Diamond Height - a gain of height of 5000 metres (16405 feet) from launch.
Morven (872 Metres) The River Dee with the airfield near centre picture The River Dee looking towards Ballater Loch Davan (upper) and Loch Kinord
Morven (872 Metres) At 10200 ft over Cromar
Roland Wales landing the club's Pegasus Jane Moore and her private Pegasus Jeremy Gilby landing his (shared) DG 303 L-T Jeremy Gilbey; Dave Richardson; Don Harvey and Ed Garner
Apres Gliding in Deeside Gliding Club
On the final Friday of week one most people shied away from rigging; however Ed Garner and Don Harvey took up the club Duo Discus though rain was on the horizon.
First snow of 2008?

Weeks 2 & 3

Unless stated they were taken by Denis Campbell flying his Venyus 2cxt (No 370) Denis managed 4 cross country flights: the longest 562km at 113kph; the others being 192km, 214km, and 247km. Although he had a turbo he did not need to use it.

Picture taken by Mike Collett flying in the club's Duo-Discus

Picture taken by Denis of Mike taking his picture!


Aboyne airfield centre photo. Aboyne village from the west. Approaching Garve Northwest of Inverness. Climbing through 13000 feet.
Contacting wave north of Aboyne.
Flying north up Loch Tay. 7kt climb ahead right. Grampians late afternoon. Loch Garry north of Rannoch. Loch Kinord from the west.
Loch Lomond. Loch Ness. Loch Tummel near Pitlochry. Lochnagar looking northwest.
Lochnagar looking southeast. Looking northeast towards Ballater with Morvern top left. Morvern from Aboyne. North end of Loch Lomond.
River Dee and Loch Kinord looking west. River Dee from Glen Gairn. The Cairngorms. The Dee Valley.


The Grampians. The Grampians somewhere. Wave over the Cairngorms. Wesrern edge of Ben Lawyers Loch Tay.
The following pictures were sent in by Bob Smith
Dave Richardson directs Dinner at the Huntly Arms

Clockwise from Front Left  .....

Left Hand side nearest camera.  Mike Collett, Emily Todd, Glyn Read, Jane Moore, Rolf Kern, (Hidden - Dennis Campbell).

Right hand side furthest from camera.   Nick Newton, Leon Gold, John the Jet Herman, William Parker, Steve Williams.

Also present but not in the picture were Mr and Mrs Barry Michael and Bob Smith.

Additional Photographs supplied by Mike Collett



A Day in Henley

On the 25th October, a Booker Junior was assembled in Henley, to encourage the sales of discounted Introductory Courses.

Pictures contributed by Don Harvey


Set up in Henley Marketplace.

The team, under the management of Jane Moore,
 made 5 sales of Intro+ courses and trial lessons with the possibility of other orders pending.

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