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Club Events in 2009



Curry Evening and Prize Giving

Photos by Don Harvey

On Friday 23 January over 40 members and guests attended a 'Curry Night' at the Lane End Tandoori. The evening also provided
an opportunity for the club to award a number of trophies to members for achievements in 2008.

The evening was organised by Denis Campbell who acted as Master of Ceremonies.

Denis Campbell and the Club Trophies

Richard Clark receiving the Brian Edwards trophy for the person deemed to have made the best progress as a student pilot. John Bonallack receiving the Jim Coach trophy for the fastest first 100 km.

Shack Roberts being awarded the “Good Show Trophy” for most promising up and coming pilot.

Bob Smith presenting Mike Gatfield with an Amazon voucher for “Best all round contribution by a cadet.”


Mike Collett (the club CFI) winning both the (larger) Kirtleside Cup - for the best out and return flight and the Thames Valley Longest Flight cup from Booker (handicap distance of 566 km).

Gary Nuttall receiving the Aerobatic Cup for the pilot deemed to have made the best progress in aerobatics Matt Cook receiving the Challenge 300 Speed Cup for the fastest 300 Km at a handicap speed of 111.4 kph.

Matt was also awarded the Smokers Cup for the greatest number of beat-ups on a single flight.

This will not be awarded again - for health and safety reasons :-)

Challenge 500 Speed Cup won by Denis Campbell himself.
John Herman receiving the Height Gain Trophy with 2721 points The Knee Tremblers Trophy being presented to Jim White for the most memorable land-out.

Dan Pitman receiving the Weekend ladder award with 11527 points.

Denis Campbell himself received the Open Ladder award with 15273 points.

Graham Saw receiving the prize for the best Newsletter article from William Parker, the editor.

The amusing article titled 'The European Advanced Glider Aerobatic Contest held at Rothenburg, Germany'  appears here.


Geoff Tabbner receiving the  Harry Cook Trophy for the pilot deemed to have turned the most challenging turn point (Land's End)
The following pictures are of members and guests

AGM 28 Feb

Left to Right Graham Morfey;
Roland Wales (Retiring Chairman);
Geoff Tabbner (New Chairman);
Hugh MacDonald (Retiring Secretary)
Jane Moore (Retiring, but remaining on S&M committee):
Dennis Campbell (HR and supervision)


Cerdanya Expedition

Over the period from Saturday 21 March to Sunday 5 April 09, Members of BGC and London Gliding Club joined together for an
expedition to the  La Cerdanya Gliding Club located in the Pyrenees on the Aerodrom de la Cerdanya.

Reports on the expedition are to be found here on the Booker Blog.

The following photographs were provided by Bob Smith and Richard Clark.


BGC members left to right
Richard Clark; Dave Chalmers-Brown; Chris Collett; William Parker; Jane Moore; Barry Michael.
Barry Michael in JDV with William Parker in attendance. William Parker in the London Gliding Club Duo Discus.
Standing - left to right, Jane Moore, 
Andy Roch (LGC CFI) and Lloyd and Hans
 from London Gliding Club.

Below - Group Dinner on the final Thursday where La Cerdanya Gliding Club Manager Xavier Jove expressed his gratitude to visiting club members by presenting each club with a gift.



Andy Roch, CFI/Manager of London Gliding Club.     

William Parker - BGC member and
expedition organiser.



Easter Egg Aerobatic Competition

Due to inclement weather, the Easter Egg Aerobatic competition scheduled for Saturday 11 April was postponed
 until Easter Monday 13 April.

The Easter Egg Aerobatics Competition took place in superb soaring conditions with 9 competitors vying for the top prize.
The judges - Graham, Emily and Phil from the British Aerobatics Association applauded the winner Will Hilton who flew two elegant
sequences to win first place and we think is our youngest winner yet. Phil also commended the competitors for all achieving scores of
over 50% which is apparently rare in aerobatics competitions. Everybody had a great afternoon's flying and much fun at the launch point.
here are the results:

1st.        Will Hilton            78.4%
2nd.       Gary Nuttall          76.9%
3rd.        Jane Moore          69.2%
              Chris Collet          69.1% 
              William Parker      68.7% 
              Doug Hilton          65.9%
              Rob Kerr              64.8%
              Jon Gatfield          61.5%
              Jeremy Gilbey      55.9%

Chief judge - Phil Atley from the British Aerobatics Association
Gary Nuttall
Emily Todd
Graham - safety pilot

A blog report of the competition, plus a couple of additional pictures, can be seen here

The following pictures were provided by Brenda and Don Harvey

Artisti diagram of the sequence to be followed.


After a damp weekend, the good weather, brings out other members, making for a busy day for the tugs.
Pilots discus the the rules of the competition.
Will Hilton  - the eventual winner on the left. Chief judge - Phil Atley on the right.
Gary "Jeremy - follow me
through the sequence"
"Now you've got it" Glyn has other ideas. Jeremy passes his knowledge
 to Jane!
The first competitor takes of in a club K21.


Curry Evening at the Lane End Tandoori

Tuesday 28 May

Pictures supplied by Julian Saakwa-Mante

15 members attended a social evening arranged by Denis Campbell

Task Week 1

23-30 May

Pictures provided by Brenda Harvey

The following pictures were take on day 2 of the task week

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