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In Days of Yore

Current members may be interested to read copies of the following two items from the past:

  1. Airspace restriction - set in 1973

  2. Charges - set in 1976

The following pictures showing something of the gliding activities at Booker during the early 60S. They were provided by
Andy Baker.

More are to follow.

This photograph shows the old hangers and the blister hanger at around the time the M40 was being extended past High Wycombe  -  circa 1965 (a few months after the filming of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.) A T21 approaching the M40 under construction - circa 1965 A club tug circa 1969. The picture show Doug Walker (back to camera), Brennig James holding the wing and Ian Aires swinging the prop. The gliding club is in the background
Possibly the very first launch point vehicle. The person on the left is Doug Clark and the lady keeping the log is Peggy Belbin. While the club had a barrage balloon winch for cable launching (shown in the picture on the left), a member (Peter Ross) led the development of a launch point bus with internal winches.


The following pictures showing something of the gliding activities at Booker during the early 70s and 80s,
were obtained by scanning some old  and photographs slides loaned by Gerry Leech.

Booker Comps 1971 Brennig James - first person to fly a 500K and at one time held the record for the most 750s flown
He was credited with setting up the Thames Valley Gliding Club - later to form part of Booker GC
'Bungy' Baker and Rip Whiteman. Mr Baker was the first secretary of the Booker G.C. Chris Tipney and Crew. '76 Regionals.
Derigging after outlanding Feb '76. Condor glider - built by a BGC member. Dart17r Booker
Bocian in the hedge. Written off. Gerry Leech and Dave Margetts with K13 no. 421. Gerry outlanding Feb '76.
Gull and Rhonbussard on dual tow. In Chinnor field. In playing field, Thame. John, Nigel, Merial, Hilary and Verdun. '76 regionals.
Kab and Skylark.
Notice the Ice cream van - the then launch-point vehicle.
Kerri in Skylark 4. Tiger Moth Tug. Mike Field and Friend in K13 no. 421.
Peter Marshall and Mandy. '76 Regionals. Skylark and Pirat. Sue with Rhonbussard. Vilga tug and Pirat.
Booker K21 over France 1985 Gerry Leech after landing out on the Prince William playing fields -awaiting retrieve crew.  1974 Gerry Leech with Gladys Belson - mayor of High Wycombe - 1982


More pictures showing something of the gliding activities at Booker during the late 60s to 80s
 provided by Harold Fletcher ex CFI Thames Valley Gliding Club.

Scheibe Bergfalke 2 at Zell am Zee in Austria.
Scarborough (CFI TVGC) in rear.

Harold Fletcher standing.

Booker regionals - about 1969 - 1970    
Ka6CR (no 320) and Skylark 4 (no 445) were based at Booker
Foke 3. Introduced into Booker by
John Sangster in March of 1964
At Booker (old control tower)
 Harold Fletcher as pilot
Skylark 3F or G (comp no.139)  Thames Valley GC glider.
At Dunstable.  Onlooker is probably Dunstable member.
Glider behind is Philip Wills' Dart 17R and No 70 is a Booker syndicate Skylark 3B (Bungy Baker, John Woods etc.)
John Rouse
John and Jim Platt bought the Foka from Harold
John Rouse, taken early 70s
Harold Flecher Taken at Dunstable regionals. Harold Fletcher with  John Ashley Harold Fletcher with  John Ashley
Harold Fletcher with K18 The new hanger.


The following photographs were contributed by past member Alan Smith and cover events during 1989 - 2004

Aboyne 1995: Taken at Birkelunn. Left to Right back:

Dave Richardson, Jane Moore, Hilary Luxton, Andreas Jeldon, Alan Smith

Jane Lawrence, Bob Sinden, Alex Lewicka, Mike Shaw, blonde girl??,Sven Elgas, Jack Luxton


Taken at The Potarch Hotel, Aboyne Expedition (3/10/97) all in this pic did Diamond heights this day.

L-R Paul Mellor, Colin Jackson, Dave Fogden, Jerry Leech,
Bob Sinden, Ian Lingham, Danny Lamb, Alan Smith


Alan flying FRK (ASW 15b) in wave above Aboyne 1995 (taken by Kathy Mellor)

Alan picked a field too late and ended up with a bent tailplane and a 5k insurance claim.
Not to be recommended.

Taken circa 1995 Snow at Booker

Half cat Instructors course Booker 1989.
John Wright, Leo Meddens, Mike Phillpot, Alan Smith, ??

What used to be a Grob 109b after the 1988 storm (This is the Booker Garden Centre)

More storm damage.

Talgarth Expedition '93

Talgarth Expedition '93

Shobdon 2004

Shobdon 2004

Glyn Read on approach Shobdon 2004

Group Shobdon 04

Shobdon Expedition 200n. Front Rob Harris and Alan Smith in the back. Rob was having a site check and they ended up at 5K

Again at Shobdon - Debbie Cooper (Daniel's wife) in the front. In the background is Keith Ford and Paul Copland

Should two full cats be allowed to fly together??

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