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Cross Country Gliding Tasks

(Information supplied by Gary Nuttall)

The first three tasks are to encourage early x-c pilots to try, to build their confidence. 

Tasks sheets 1-3 have been designed for pilots who'd like some small tasks with good land-out options.

The tasks are intended for members who:
Have completed their x-c checks and are qualified to fly cross-country
Have gained approval by the Duty Instructor on the day to fly cross-country
Have checked for NOTAMS and any other TNW's (e.g. air displays, Red Arrows)

Task 1

50Km: BOB-THA-PRI-WTN-BOO (Booker M40 Bridge-Thame Church-Princes Risborough-Watlington-Booker Airfield):  This is a cats cradle task of three turning points which keeps you fairly close to Booker and Thame airfields.  The majority of the task is done below LTMA (airspace base of 4500' AMSL) with only Princes Risborough being in the 3500' sector.  This means that, for a glider with the performance of at least a Junior, if you stay reasonably high then you should remain within gliding range of Booker or Thame airfield for the majority of the flight.


Task 2

100Km: BOB-BRL-SOS-WEC-BOO (Booker M40 Bridge-Brill-Stokenchurch South-Westcott-Booker Airfield).  Another cats cradle of three TP's.   Lowest airspace limit is around Princes Risborough (3500'), with some at 4500'+ and some at FL55.  This again means that, for those who remain fairly high, Booker and Thame are generally good landback options, with an option to divert to Bicester too.

Task 3

100Km: BOO-BIC-DID-BOO (Booker Airfield-Bicester-Didcot-Booker Airfield). The Booker 100Km triangle milk run.  Designed to qualify for the BGA 100Km diploma if successfully completed.  A good technique can be  to do this task and then attempt it faster to qualify for the 100Km (part 2 - speed) diploma.