Booker Gliding Club
Wycombe Air Park

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It is not the winning that counts

Booker Regionals 2018

Booker Regionals - LIVE Tracking.

These links will open new web browser windows that show live tracking of gliders as they complete their task.

Note that HDT variable sectors are shown as 5Km radius circles, although in fact the radius will differ for each glider handicap.

If a fallback task is flown the Task may not be updated until after gliders have started, keep an eye on the News.

Refer to the News page for additional information on the racing.

Scroll down to see more information about using the software, or use these Links if you know what you want.

NOTE; When glidertracker server is busy you may have to wait up to 1 minute for gliders to load.

Here are some TIPS for using the glidertracker website.

Settings menu allows you to switch airspace and other stuff on and off.

Click on a glider for all sorts of info about the flight..

Expand the Filter box to see list of Booker gliders with climb rate and altitude.

Switch the filter on/off to see ALL aircraft with Flarm or just Booker gliders.

Go to "Menu" "Fav Lists" and click on right to remove gliders you are not interested in.

If there is more than one task in the Tasks box, choose the task with the latest date.

Some settings and files will be saved on your PC, for a clean reset go to "Settings" and "Reset Local Cache" and then re-load the webpage.