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Current status

The club is operating the summer schedule - open 7 days a week. Evening groups have now resumed, as in previous years. They run 17:30 up to sunset. Current groups are:

  • Tuesday - Graham Saw
  • Wednesday - Chris Rowland
  • Friday - Simeon Economou

If you want to attend an evening group for training, please let the office know so they can allocate instructor time.

Click to view today's daily briefing. This is updated at about 9am each morning.

ATC still has closures on some days. Any such closures will be NOTAMed each day. They will also be listed (in local times) in the daily briefing - see link above. During closure periods (or after the tower closes in the evening), the following rules must be observed:
  • All radios must be on the tower frequency (126.555)
  • All landing gliders must make blind downwind calls. If you are in a non-radio glider you must take a hand held radio.
  • Tugs must not land during closure periods so please consider the timing of launches when getting close to them.

Our Google Event Diary May take a short while to load. Click on diary entries for more information and for details of expedition locations. please advise the office if you think we need to add any events.

Information about 8.33 Radios

Information about Waypoints and Airspace

If you do not currently receive a monthly email link for the club newsletter, just register with our mailing list to receive a copy.