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Waypoints and Airspace

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What are Waypoints?
Latest waypoint updates and files for downloading
What are airspace files?
Airspace files for downloading.

Gliding Waypoints - what are they.

Waypoints are used to define the route to be taken during a cross country flight. They are used to identify the start and finish point, control points and turnpoints. The International Gliding Commision (IGC) specify the minimum information (Latitude, Longitude, etc) needed to define a Waypoint, but there is no international standard for naming these points, nor for how programs display them. Technically, any point on the Earth’s surface can be selected by a pilot as a turnpoint for use on a cross country flight. Obviously it would be pointless selecting waypoints in airspace that cannot be entered, or that are in hazardous locations.

Gliding Waypoints - how are they created.

In countries where gliding takes place a national organisation will usually coordinate or delegate creation of common waypoints. To find out more about how UK BGA Waypoints are defined you can read all about them on the BGA UK waypoint information website.

A pilot may choose to use the same waypoints year after year, however, it is often convenient to use the same waypoint list as other pilots, the majority of UK pilots will use the Waypoint list published by the BGA. This BGA list is updated annually and published in the Spring. In order to ensure that pilots flying a common task go to the same point, or that a badge declaration is accurate, it is essential to use the correct update (or make the required amendments to your own files). Using an old version of waypoint data may also lead the unobservant user towards forbidden territory; for instance waypoints were removed in 2019 because of restricted airspace.

How do I get a file for my device?

It is possible to download files for most devices and most countries from the Worldwide Soaring Turnpoint Exchange. UK waypoints on this site are updated a short while after the official BGA list is updated; it is important to ensure you are viewing the latest data.

How do I get waypoints on to my navigation device(s).

Most devices can be updated by transferring a waypoint file. This is usually the least complicated method and is often done via USB or memory card with no other software required

Some devices can be updated via PC/Mac software holding waypoint databases, this can end up being more complex because it is often necessary to understand the workings of the PC/Mac software before the waypoints can be loaded. For example, an Oudie can also be updated using a Wizard within SeeYou software.

Activating the waypoints on my navigation device(s).

With some older gliding loggers and GPS systems loading new waypoints would replace the old waypoints and they would immediately become the "active" ones in use. Most modern devices such as the Oudie and LX systems will save as many (differently named) waypoint files as you like, but after loading it is necessary to select the file that you wish to use. On these devices it is easy to go back and re-select the old file (assuming it had a different name to the new one) to revert to previously used waypoint lists.

How do I manage waypoints on my PC/Mac.

You do not need to manipulate turnpoint files unless you would like to add or remove your own points or add your own tasks. With some older equipment it may be necessary to reduce the number of turnpoints in a file due to limitations of the equipment.

It can be worthwhile delving a little deeper into the detail of how these Turnpoints (tasks) are arranged. This may offer you greater control, make it quicker to set your device up and help you to see only waypoints that are what is relevant.

This is where it gets difficult.

    If you wish to understand a little more about how to manage Waypoints it will be helpful (but not essential) if you have already identified the following;

  • Is there a limit to the number of Waypoints I can have in my Waypoint file?
  • What is the type of Waypoint file format used by my device?
  • Where are the files stored on my device.
  • How do I transfer Waypoint files to my device.
  • How do I select the waypoint files that are being used.

If necessary write down the answers to each of these for your device.

As an example, here are the answers for an Oudie - (see also link below).

For an Oudie there is no significant limit to the number of waypoints, it uses SeeYou type files known as .cup files. Files are stored in the \Waypoints folder, To transfer files I connect to a computer via USB and copy the files. To select the file(s) being used for navigation go to the Oudie -> Settings -> Files -> Waypoints option.

A brief word about Tasks.

Many navigation devices now permit the uploading of pre-defined Tasks, where a Task usually comprises a Takeoff point, Start point, a number of Turnpoints, Finish point and a Landing point. Depending on the device, these Tasks may be incorporated within the waypoint file, or they may be loaded sa a separate file. If you choose to use PC/Mac software to edit your waypoint files it is important to understand where your tasks are saved if you wish to keep them.

What has changed for the 2019 season ?

The list includes nearly 1300 Waypoints, amendments can be viewed by clicking here.

Please revisit this page after 28th Feb 2019 for additional Waypoint files, including files with club tasks included.


  • Links below will download files directly from the Worldwide Turnpoint Exchange (to save you from searching for them).

    All links below Last checked 24 Feb 2019.

  • Full BGA Waypoint list in .cup format for SeeYou, Oudie etc
  • Full BGA Waypoint list in .dat format for Cambridge,old XCsoar.
  • Full BGA Waypoint list in .dbt format for Volkslogger.

  • Note that you may need to edit the Volkslogger file as this device has a limit of 500 turnpoints.

    Waypoint lists with name prefixed by code.

    For some equipment it is helpful to have the waypoint name prefixed with the waypoint code. This makes it more obvious if the incorrect trigraph is selected.

    Example of TP selection screen.

    Example of TP selection on an LX computer - Which one is BO4?

    Example of TP selection screen.

    Example of TP selection on an LX computer with Trigraph prefixed names.

    files that have been prefixed in this way will have an X added in to the filename.

  • BGA Waypoint list with code-name prefix .cup format for some devices if this works for you.

  • Please revisit this page after 28th Feb 2019 for additional Waypoint files and files with club and expedition tasks included.

    Links to documents and external webpages relating to waypoints.

  • BGA UK waypoint information website.
  • IGC specification used by programmers when creating turnpoint files.
  • How to manually copy files to an Oudie.

  • Airspace file info - coming during March 2019.

    Airspace files - coming during March 2019.